Company Name

Registered with Companies House: Ltd.

Registered Office

Oaks View, 8 The Fold,
Child’s Ercall, Market Drayton,

Registration Numbers

Company No.: 6313689
VAT No.: GB916848586
D-U-N-S No.: 21-007-0519
FSB Member: 51711906


Director: Mr. Gavin Robbins
Company Secretary: Mrs. K Robbins


Professional Indemnity: Hiscox
Policy No.: 
9263531 (general professionals)
Address: Hiscox Insurance Company Limited,
1 Great St. Helens, London, EC3A 6HX.

General Terms & Conditions

Offer letters: Our offer letters can be withdrawn at any time i.e. whereby we find it to be incorrect. The software licence fees quoted in offers are calculated from European Euros (EUR) and converted into British Pounds Sterling (GBP). In addition to this a SEPA charge is added, which is levied by the UK banks. All offer letters are only valid for a period of 28 days due to fluctuating variables, such as: flights, hotels, fluctuations in the exchange rates etc. Acceptance of an offer is acceptance of these terms & conditions; whereby acceptance is received in the form of a purchase order (PO).

Travel costs: Travel costs quoted in offers are all expenses that are expected to be incurred by a legitimate business trip. This includes the travel itself, food & drink, accommodation and any other legitimate secondary costs. Unexpected expenses will be billed upon receipt. All charges for travel will be calculated from the company representative’s place of residence. Offer letters display a ’best‘ estimation of travel costs only. Details can be provided on request.

Attendance: Confirmation of attendance for training and facilitation can only be confirmed upon receipt of PO. We operate on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Payment terms: The laws of England and Wales are applicable, thus payment shall be made by 30 days of receipt of goods or services; as per Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998. The due date is clearly displayed within the invoice. Late payments automatically incur a charge of 8% above the Bank of England’s base rate, plus an additional 70 GBP to cover additional administration costs. For further information on the UK law regarding late payment, please see:

Cancellation charges: No services are due in the event that a cancellation is made without the request to postpone, or when the option to postpone is no longer available (see below). We consider a reasonable time period for rescheduling as within a three month period of the original scheduled event. Failure to adhere to this will result in a cancellation charge, upon the expiry of the reasonable time period for the full PO amount, and will also include any consequential secondary costs that exceed the original PO value. Cancellation charges are invoiced upon the day of cancellation and incur value added tax, if applicable.

  1. Notification of a postponement or cancellation of 21 business days or more prior to the scheduled event will only incur a charge whereby Ltd. is liable for penalties or charges to cancel or reschedule bookings, e.g. flights, hotels etc.
  2. Notification of a cancellation or postponement received at 11 to 20 business days prior to the scheduled event results in a charge of twenty five percent of the PO value (or value of the individual event, if the PO is for numerous events); unless costs already incurred or cancellation penalties exceed this amount, e.g. flights, hotels etc., in which these costs shall be reclaimed accordingly. At this point the provision of services can be rescheduled, but may incur additional costs, as some third party companies may charge Ltd. penalties for rescheduling. Any consequential costs incurred to reschedule shall be included in the invoice as secondary travel costs.
  3. Notification of a cancellation received at 6 to 10 business days prior to the scheduled event, results in a charge of fifty percent of the PO value (or value of the individual event, if the PO is for numerous events); unless costs already incurred or cancellation penalties exceed this amount, e.g. flights, hotels etc., in which case these shall be reclaimed accordingly. At this point any rescheduling shall be at the discretion of the Ltd. representative i.e. only if the lost work days can be substituted by alternative employment.
  4. Cancellations made within 5 business days before the event, or without notice, results in a charge for the full PO value (or value of the individual event, if the PO is for numerous events). At this point the provision of services cannot be postponed or rescheduled.

Conditions of using

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