We provide trainings that are tailored to your company and products you make!

FMEA helps identify potential weaknesses, quantify risks, and then conceive suitable preventive / detection measures to mitigate or avoid system failure.
Below are the trainings that provide to help you achieve your FMEA expectations:
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FMEA Methodology Training

Do you have staff that are new to FMEA?

Whether your intention is to use Excel or APIS for FMEA, this tailor-made training will focus on how to do an FMEA of a specific type, such as System, Design, Process & MSR, and will use a case study of your choice.

Whether your facility is within the United Kingdom, or further afield, we can provide professional training on-site or on-line.

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FMEA Software Training

Whether you’re using IQ-FMEA or IQ-RM, or performing only Process or Design FMEA, the we can provide a bespoke training, which will focus on the type of FMEA you need to perform, whilst using your company’s products or processes as the case study.

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FMEA Facilitator / Moderator Training

Need help doing effective FMEA’s efficiently? Did an audit highlight your FMEA as a concern?

Why not hire a professional FMEA practitioner to speed you through the process! Working on-site, or remotely, a highly experienced facilitator can support the FMEA activity whilst employing dedicated FMEA software.

FMEA Facilitation can be on-site or remotely, so we can support multi-national projects.