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In days gone by FMEA was a paper exercise, but as computers became common place in businesses, and products became more complex, companies started to utilise software, such as MS Excel.   Times have moved on, and as products and process have become even more technically advanced, and the costs associated with failure has increased exponentially, then MS Excel is no longer considered an adequate software solution for FMEA, or for visualising complex failure scenarios. In addition to this, the recent introduction of the AIAG VDA FMEA Handbook in 2019 has exacerbated this!   Here at we know how important it is to have the correct tools for the job. This why we use, and would like to provide you with a market leading risk management software tools; APIS IQ-Software.   This software product can handle different types of FMEA (Design, Process, MSR, DRBFM...), can support your team with other failure avoidance tasks, such as Functional Safety (ISO 26262/IEC 61508) and FMEDA, but can also track actions or support the DVP&R activity.

APIS IQ-Software

The IQ-Software is a pioneering software product range that was originally developed in Germany in 1980’s.  The IQ-Software is a PC based application, so can be installed as a single standalone licence, or can be a floating licence on a company network. Recent developments allow network licences to be temporarily checked out (NLX).

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The IQ-software is a very visual tool that has varying levels of functionality starting with IQ-FMEA, which focuses on FMEA. Then you can integrate additional functionality of Control Plans & Process Flow diagrams with IQ-RM. Both IQ-FMEA and IQ-RM can support Functional Safety with the Pro version.

Network licences are only accessed by a specified number of concurrent users.

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