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APIS IQ-RM / FMEA Software training for Hülsbeck und Fürst GmbH

When failure is not an option Automotive companies turn to

..providing professional APIS IQ-Software training courses

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"Gavin explained the software very well, the importance of creating the tree structures at the beginning and how much more helpful the software can be when you have done this. We have some work to do to get it back to where it should be but I am sure that can be achieved.

I hope to work with Gavin in the near future to realize some of the things we learnt and improve the way we use the software. I discovered a lot of things I didn’t know the software could achieve and that could be very useful to us when used correctly."

Miss Samantha Dutton
APQP Engineer

"Gavin explained what he was talking about very well and made it clear how important it is to set up the basic structure right from the beginning. The training also showed me, that FMEA’s are more useful than I previously thought, as they can be easily transformed e.g. to display statistical information or utilizing the software to even come up with / predict potential causes of failure."

Herr Nicholas Trost
Applications Engineer



Service provided: FMEA Software training.


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Working with people across the world assisting them with FMEA

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