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Professional FMEA trainings performed in Sweden, Portugal, Malaysia, Korea and Great Britain

When failure is not an option many companies turn to fmea.co.uk.

..providing professional FMEA trainings and facilitation and FMEA Software training courses






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What are the benefits of employing FMEA?
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What they say!

You are experts in your field and we are here to support you with achieving your FMEA requirements. Our experience and expertise can ultimately help your company save costs associated with getting things wrong, whether it is through FMEA Methodology or FMEA Software Training or by way of FMEA Facilitation with an specific project.

Below is what some of the people we have worked with have said about the Failure Modes & Effects Analysis service provided:

Aston Martin Lagonda Limited

FMEA Facilitation, Software & FMEA Methodology Trainings: "Gavin has a great enthusiasm for his work and was a pleasure to work with on the project [DB11, Taraf & Vulcan], his knowledge and skill in Failure Mode and Effect Analysis is an asset to any company he works with. He is also a nice chap with a great sense of humour! "

LinkedInTim Foster
Project Quality Manager - New Model Operations

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Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd.

FMEA Facilitation, FMEA, FMEA Moderator & FMEA Software training: "...Following the lead and methods used by [fmea.co.uk] Gavin Robbins Consulting, Bosch Thermotechnology Project members and FMEA Moderators alike now regard carrying out FMEA’s to be enjoyable and purposeful event. We shall continue to engage their invaluable services to improve our FMEA skills."

Mr. Aled Davies Griffiths
Quality Systems Manager

..click here to read the full Worcester Bosch testimony

TRW Automotive

FMEA Software training: "I’ve known Gavin for a number of years now. When he started up his own business I did not hesitate to use the services provided."

LinkedIn Maciej Kudanowski
Principal Electronics Engineer

Torotrak plc

Design FMEA Facilitation: "their expertise in the application of specialised software brought structure, order and very considerable labour savings compared with our previous experience in such exercises. Whilst a great deal of work was still required the end result was achieved within about 60% of the man-days we had estimated and we had a much greater level of confidence in the quality of the analysis.. "

LinkedInRoger Stone
Engineering Director

..click here to read the full Torotrak testimony

IVT Industrier AB

FMEA, Software, & Moderator training: "...Believe it or not, there are not many people out there who can actually do this work to such a level of expertise!"

LinkedIn Herr Rickard Norberg
FMEA Promoter

..click here to read the full IVT testimony

LuK Leamington Limited

FMEA Software training: "very competent and delivered in a lively and interesting manner. Through the ability to tailor the training to fit our specific requirements, staff gave a very positive feedback on the effectiveness."

LinkedIn Dr. Alan McLelland
General Manager

Isringhausen GB Limited

FMEA Facilitation: "...the Minibus FMEA that you produced for us really impressed the TÜV auditors and said they want it like that for every product!!!"

Mr. Ian Dobson

FMEA Facilitation: "...whatever we’re paying you it’s well worth it. What you have produced in days we could only imagine achieving in 3-6 months"

Mr. Steve Szabo
Continual Improvement Manager

Huf UK Limited

FMEA Software training: "...I hope to work with Gavin in the near future to realize some of the things we learnt and improve the way we use the software. I discovered a lot of things I didn’t know the software could achieve and that could be very useful to us when used correctly."

LinkedIn Miss Samantha Dutton
APQP Engineer

FMEA Software training: "...The training also showed me, that FMEA’s are more useful than I previously thought, as they can be easily transformed e.g. to display statistical information or utilizing the software to even come up with / predict potential causes of failure."

Herr Nicholas Trost
Applications Engineer

..click here to read the full HUF UK testimony

Bosch Termotecnologia SA

FMEA Software training: "training was executed in a lively, entertaining and very informative manner. Gavin Robbins has enlightened us to the fact that we were not working as efficiently and as thoroughly as we could have been, and has introduced us to tips & tricks that we would now consider invaluable! We shall therefore be calling on the services of [fmea.co.uk] Gavin Robbins Consulting again, in order to fulfil some of our other’s colleagues training needs!"

LinkedIn Senhora Ana Manata
Gestão de Projectos

Elma Electronic UK

Design FMEA facilitation: "After contacting fmea.co.uk we were able to quickly organise a visit for on-site DFMEA facilitation, Dan was punctual and aided the FMEA process to create a representative FMEA form for a developing product. The team found the process informative and the quick process explanation was clear within the restricted time frame involved. Working together, we were able to achieve our objective."

LinkedInSimon Frankish
Senior Systems Engineer

Buehler Motor UK Limited

FMEA Software Training: "I found that the course was very effective and that the trainer made the course very pleasurable. He clearly has a great knowledge of subject matter, and the practical usage of this particular software application! I would gladly recommend them to other companies!"

Martin Janse van Noordwyk
IT Network Administrator

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