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FMEA facilitation using professional FMEA software

When companies need expert support they turn to

Providing FMEA software, training and professional facilitation

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Software support questions of a technical nature should be taken up directly with APIS Support.


We can help you use the APIS Software efficiently, click on the image above to contact us! Alternatively you may wish to download a translated version of the Tips & tricks that were distributed during the 2011 Benutzertreffen. Download the Tips & Tricks for using the APIS IQ-Software.


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Dedicated risk analysis / FMEA software

What FMEA software do we use? IQ-FMEA version is the dedicated FMEA software tool currently utilised by for FMEA facilitation.

"IQ-FMEA and IQ-RM are the best risk management software products available on the market today, as they are stable, intuitive and handles the data elegantly"

The APIS product range is varied and based around FMEA and the production of additional quality documentation that you may require. The most widely employed software products provided by APIS are IQ-FMEA to IQ-RM Pro (Integrated Quality - Risk Management). Click on the APIS logo (below left) to browse their website for a complete product comparison.

Do you own a licence? If so we can provide this training at your premises! The APIS software, or any other dedicated software product, may appear a bit daunting and tricky to use, thus we recommend having some FMEA Software training to use the software effectively and efficiently.

FMEA Training, Software, Facilitation, Classes all provided at

Even if you have experience of using the IQ-Software, you may not be using it efficiently, especially if it is not used on a daily basis, therefore we can make ourselves available at a time of urgency to facilitate your FMEA activities.

What quality documents does this dedicated FMEA software provide?

The flagship product, IQ-RM Pro 6.5, can provide:

  • FMEA forms (VDA, AIAG, MIL, PSC, Renault..)

  • Functional Safety (FMEDA)

  • Control Plans (PPAP)

  • Process Flow Diagrams (PFD)

  • DRBFM forms (Toyota)

  • Cause & Effect Diagrams (Ishikawas / Fishbones)

  • Fault Trees (FTA)

  • Functional Analysis (functional mapping)

  • Failure Nets (for root cause analysis)

  • Statistical Analysis (Risk Matrix, Pareto..)

  • Parts function Matrix

  • Customer Requirements Management

  • Emailing of duties to FMEA team members

  • Cloning (simultaneous engineering)

  • Variants (of a generic FMEA)

  • Multi-lingual support...

The above is produced from a single set of data, thus when changes are made to a single quality document, and then the software will update the information in other documents appropriately.

This software also has the facility to publish your quality documentation in HTML (hypertext mark-up language), thus the information can be viewed or presented to a client via any internet browser, as a website! Read more...

Interested in acquiring the IQ-Software? Although this is not a necessity to obtain this software to receive our FMEA services, we can source this dedicated FMEA software for you (in GBP). Following this we can also support you with the programs initial application, by way of training and / or facilitation. If you are interested in the and wish to find out more, then please visit our downloads page..

Software is the efficient way to do Failure Modes & Effects Analysis

Click here read more about the APIS IQ-Software!
The IQ-Software has a multitude of display options and features. These support you in performing an effective FMEA that will satisfy even the most exacting of requirements, for example: different styles of FMEA forms (AIAG, VDA..), or by adding colours to the form to highlight those high risk areas.
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There are many features that can make the software more suited to your company / industry, and the products that you make. For example, there are a variety of descriptions from the quality standards for Severity, Occurrence & Detection, which you can copy and modify!
Click here to arrange for a presentation of the Risk Management Software!
Also there are a variety of analytical tools available to help you understand what the weaknesses in your system are.
Click here to arrange for a presentation of the Risk Management Software!
The failure nets provide a visual overview of the failures and how they are related. These can be used for concern management and are easily created due to the software’s ability to suggest failure causes and failure effects.
Want the benefits of employing this dedicated risk management software, book a demonstration, or would like to acquire a licence in GBP? If so, then contact us with you FMEA enquiry.







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