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FMEA Software trainings in Sweden, Malaysia, Korea, Italy, Germany, Holland and United Kingdom

Professional FMEA trainings, APIS IQ-Software Training & FMEA facilitation. are here to help with you Failure Mode and Root Cause Analysis!


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We can help you implement FMEA in your business! Want to know the benefits of implementing FMEA in your business? then click on the image below.

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Professional Services

You’re the experts in your field and we’re the experts in FMEA. Together we can work as a team to save your company the costs associated with getting things wrong! We offer the following FMEA services:

FMEA Facilitation button

FMEA Facilitation / Moderation for all types of FMEA. This requires on-site attendance, ad hoc interaction with a FMEA team / members and access to supporting documentation. We can also support you with FMEDA (ISO 26262 / IEC 61508). Due to the nature of this activity we will happily sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, to give you the peace of mind that all subject matter is treated as confidential.

FMEA Training button

Bespoke trainings provided include: FMEA Methodology & Moderator Training, training in the APIS IQ-Software from version 3.5 to version 6.5. plus IQ-Software Update Training!

Do you have any other training needs? We can also combine this FMEA training with APQP, 8D, SixSigma..

FMEA Import button

Import existing FMEAs from Microsoft Excel into the IQ-FMEA Software. This also provides the opportunity to Audit the FMEA content.

FMEA Software button

Source dedicated FMEA software to suit your needs! (want to view a short presentation in Media Player?).

Full service button

Not been employing FMEA? Not sure of the benefits of employing this risk analysis? Failed a Quality Audit due to the FMEA? Having problems fully utilising FMEA? Need a helping hand with Root Cause Analysis? Starting a new project?

We can help by offering a Full Service! With a combination of the services mentioned above, we can support any company, large or small, to establish a training strategy, writing / revising company standard training material, and then support this by providing specific trainings for the FMEA team members and moderators alike; ready for a gradual handover.

Simply give us a call or email us so we that can arrange a meeting to discuss the options available to you.

Did you know we can:

  • Help you achieve a quick and effective FMEA that delivers results, which is robust enough for future use; in approximately 60% of the predicted time.

  • Provide fast response help when most needed (urgency).

  • Work flexibly with your engineers to develop different types of FMEA without undue impact on their normal duties.

  • Work with your engineers to produce a FMEA using state-of-the-art dedicated Failure Modes & Effects Analysis software (or with your existing quality software).

  • Increase your product quality & process efficiency as a consequence of starting the FMEA activity early.

  • Get you through your customer or quality audits. We have a proven track record!

  • Help you avoid the risks associated with product liability.

  • Provide APIS IQ-Software training to the highest standard.

  • Publish your Quality Documentation to the internet, so that any computer can access the data (password protected)!

  • Keep you engineers from digression, duplication and misuse of the FMEA document by providing expert facilitation.

We are constantly asked "How long a FMEA will take" on a specific product or production line, but this is like asking "How long is a piece of string?"

FMEA is an activity that should be undertaken throughout a products life cycle i.e. from conception through to mass production; it is a living document!

Therefore due to the nature of this activity we can only estimate the duration. Below are some examples of FMEAs undertaken from scratch up to the entry of the initial risk assessment data (upto the initial risk assessment - Step 5 in the AIAG / VDA alignment - Feb 2017):

  • SFMEA on an aircraft seat: 4 days

  • SFMEA on a laser positioning system: 3 days

  • PFMEA on a single production line: 5 days

  • PFMEA on a station with multiple steps: 1 day

  • DFMEA on a Variable Transmission: 25 days

  • DFMEA on a Sub-Station Relay: 14 days

  • DFMEA on a Portable Spot Heater: 7 days

We can help you reach your FMEA objectives
Read feedback from clients by viewing our testimonials page.


FMEA services conform to:
AIAG Alignment to VDA in 2018


As we're based in the
West Midlands, we are ideally located to cover
the United Kingdom and further afield!

FMEA trainings & facilitation for International companies

In addition to this we are based in the UK just 40 minutes from Birmingham Airport and less than 3 hours from London Heathrow, therefore we are ideally located to provide our services within Europe & further afield!


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How long will the FMEA last? :: Ltd can reduce the time invested in the FMEA activity
Our FMEA training courses generally last between 1 & 2 days and our FMEA Software courses normally last between 2 & 3 days, depending upon the software product and version.
What about the time required to do a professional FMEA? Well click here to see some examples of how long a FMEA can take









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