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Email or call with your FMEA related enquiry! Professional FMEA services. Where the FMEA activity is not treated as just a ’tick in the box‘ exercise!

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We are based in the Midlands of the UK, so we are ideally placed to cover England, Scotland, Ireland & Wales.

FMEA trainings & facilitation for International companies

In addition to this we are based in the UK just 40 minutes from Birmingham Airport and less than 3 hours from London Heathrow, therefore we are ideally located to provide our services within Europe & further afield!







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Importing Excel FMEA

Thinking of investing in a dedicated FMEA software product, or have you already purchased a licence of APIS IQ-FMEA or IQ-RM?

If the answer is yes to either of these questions, then you may be concerned that your past efforts have been wasted, but fear not can help, whilst supporting the roll out of the IQ-Software!

Generally, existing FMEAs within a business are commonly stored in a Microsoft Excel format. Alternatively, some FMEAs may have been generated by a legacy product, such as Ford Motor Company’s Byteworx. These FMEAs can be exported into an Excel format or one of the other formats that IQ-Software can read.

screen dump from APIS IQ-RM Pro

Importing a FMEA from Excel is a simple procedure, but it’s the scrutiny and housekeeping performed by an expert subsequent to the import which is the dark art.

Most people simply copy and paste content into the FMEA when using Excel, thus some of the potential failure causes or effects may not be relevant, may have discrepancies in the evaluations or have ambiguous corrective measures and states, so importing it into the APIS IQ-Software is beneficial.

Benefits of importing e.g. from Excel (.xlsx / .xls):

  • Once you have all of your FMEAs stored in the APIS IQ-Software format, then you can have consistency in the presentation of the data
  • FMEA functions and failures are stored as objects, which are more readily available for re-use with variants, other FMEA
  • Test the completeness of the current failure scenarios using the software’s functionality
  • Ability to standardise terminology, ratings and symbols used
  • Highlights holes in the existing FMEA
  • Ability to perform analysis on the FMEA and also determine a risk reduction glide path throughout a project
  • Ability to delegate responsible people
  • Automate the classification of the characteristics in the ’C‘ column or the special characterisitcs of a product characteristic in the Control Plan
  • Easy to switch between different FMEA form layouts when presenting...
Import your old FMEA with the APIS IQ-Software
FMEA Software developers
We can import your old FMEAs into the APIS IQ-Software, no matter if it has been written in another FMEA form layout, such as QS-9000 or AIAG formats:
FMEA services provided conform to Automotive Industry Action Group Methodology

Import a FMEA made in Excel or made by some other glorified spreadsheet FMEA product

IQ-FMEA import

IQ-FMEA / IQ-RM Pro software

Once you have the FMEA in IQ-FMEA / IQ-RM you can view it in the VDA format
FMEA services provided conform to Verband der Automobilindustrie
.. or colour code your FMEA forms

FMEA form with traffic light colour coding

Synch between analyses
& the FMEA form

FMEA form with Pareto Analysis

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